Package Deals


Interior + Basic Exterior


Interior + Middle of the Road


(+$50.00 Raw Hide)

Full interior Clean including steam, shampoo, seat cleaning and conditioning leather and cloth dash cleaned and treated glass cleaned

"Basic Exterior"

Paint decontamination (Iron & Tar) Foam spray to loosen up debrey before hand wash.  Two stage hand wash.  Rims,wheel wells and tires scrubbed and treated. 

"Engine Detail"


Must be included with the Basic Exterior package.  Full engine clean, washed with degreaser and a engine cleaner.  Finished off with a hands free blow dry and all vynals and hoses are sprayed with a engine brightner.

"Middle of the road"


Basic exterior+ Engine Detail+ exterior hand wax to protect the vehicle for the season.

"Minor Paint Correction"

$350.00 and up

This package is for either enhancing or helping to remove minor paint damage.  After correction is completed we offer either Swissvax wax or Gyeon Q2 Mohs (Ceramic Coating).

"Chasing Perfection"

$hourly rate quote

Interior+ Basic Exterior+ Engine Detail+Middle of the road+ full paint correction either two stage, or show finish (Wet Sanding) to give that flawless appearance. With this package we offer either Swissvax waxes or Gyeon Q2 Mohs (Ceramic Coating).  For the interior we offer Gyeon Q2m Leather and Q2m trim coatings. 

"Ceramic Coating"

​$1200.00 & up 

We offer either a 1year, 3year or a 5year coating.  This package comes with Gyeon professional SIO2 coating for your paint, rims & glass.  The package comes with two stage paint correction and a single stage refinement.


Basic packages or 100% Custom 

We offer it all

Give us a call and let us know what

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