"Basic Package"


Spray foam prewash followed bye a two stage hand wash.  Next up we use a two stage paint decontamination to remove the road grime (iron and tar) from the paint. Blow dry the entire bike off spray wax to finish off.

"Minor Paint Correction"


Basic Package (minus spray wax)+ clay barring the entire painted surface, two stage paint correction to help get rid of the minor paint scratches and swirls.  High grade wax (swissvax) that is fuel repellent will be applied to the painted surface either a matt finish wax or a high gloss wax. Chrome is polished bye hand and the seat is cleaned and protected.

"Full on Show Time"

Starting @ $700.00

This package is everything you need to go to a show or to restore tired paint to bring it back.

Basic Package (minus spray wax) + full paint restoration.  We will polish, or wet sand and either wax or Gyeon Q2m Mohs (base coat) and Gyeon Bead (top coat) coat your paint to full on happiness. Chrome will be polished to high gloss.  Seat will either be cleaned or replaced as per customers request.

R.V. & Boat

"Basic Wash"

$400.00 (RV)

$250.00 (Boat)

This package will include everything to clean and rid your R.V. or Boat of exterior mold and dirt.  We will start with the roof and power wash to remove the heavy dirt and debris, followed bye a mold  and allgy  remover that is scrubbed into the roof to loosen the contaminates. The entire body will be hand washed.

"Other options"

Spray wax offered  

$35.00 and up

(depends on size)

Hand wax offered 

$125.00 and up 

(depends on size and what level of wax you request)

Ceramic Coating offered

$800.00 and up

Full machine polish correction

$Hourly Rate

We will go through the entire body with you and show you the imperfections in the Gel Coat.  After we will polish the entire body to a mirror shine and with seal the Gel Coat with a Wax designed specifically for Gel Coat or use Gyeon Ceramic Coating to seal the body for many summers to come.